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People who have been arrested for a crime often find themselves facing tough prosecution and overwhelming possibilities. Many potential convictions can lead to time in jail, hefty fines, and continuing penalties that harm personal and professional relationships. It is understandable that those who are charged with committing a crime often feel overwhelmed and concerned for their future and wellbeing, as well as the futures of those who depend on them.

During these crucial times, what is most important for a defendant is to find a skilled lawyer who will do everything possible to fight back against serious charges and protect his or her future.

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Daniel E. Kann is committed to protecting clients who face serious charges including marijuana crimes, DUI, and lewd conduct. In any of these cases, defendants who come to The Law Offices of Daniel E. Kann will find skilled and experienced representation.

Insight on the Los Angeles Court System

Properly crafting a well-rounded defense and pursuing the best legal options for a defendant requires insight and familiarity with the court system in which the case is taking place. Finding success in a case is not all always about bluster and combativeness toward a prosecutor. While there is certainly a time and place to raise the flag and go to war, sometimes being diplomatic and negotiating skillfully with judges and prosecutors will help reach the most favorable results possible. In other cases it is only possible to vindicate a client's rights by fighting the case all the way through jury trial. This is why it is very important to hire an attorney who is familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the courthouse in which your case is being handled.

Daniel E. Kann has represented many clients in the Los Angeles court system over the years, giving him greater insight into the unique inner workings of the court. Additionally, he is familiar with local judges and prosecutors, helping him to further prepare for the coming case. As such, the story of defendants and the circumstances of their alleged crime can be better presented in court and have a greater chance of leading to a favorable outcome.

Crafting a Successful Defense for Your Case

Every criminal case is unique in its circumstances, charges, and potential outcomes. As such, a successful defense will require the skills and experience of a criminal lawyer to tailor them to the unique needs of a defendant and the tactics being used by the prosecution.

For example, some cases involve charges known as "wobblers." These are charges that may be filed as a misdemeanors or felonies. Through investigation and bringing in favorable evidence including witness testimony an attorney can disprove claims by prosecutors that the alleged crime should be prosecuted as a felony. A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to persuade a judge or prosecutor to reduce a charge that was originally filed as a felony to a misdemeanor, thereby drastically reducing the potential consequences.

In other cases, it may be in a client's best interest to accept a plea deal and receive a lesser sentence. For instance, often times a charge may be filed as a standard DUI with all of the serious consequences that a DUI conviction will entail, including stiff fines and lengthy driver's license suspensions. A skilled DUI attorney such as Daniel Kann may be able to have your charge dismissed or at least reduced to a lesser charge that does not entail a license suspension. As for various sex offenses that may be punished by prison time and worse yet, lifetime registration as a sex offender, Dan Kann may be able to have the charge reduced such that his client will not have to serve prison time or register as a sex offender. Many of these cases can take a toll on the lives of defendants for many years or possibly their entire lives. In these cases, a defense attorney like Dan Kann will do everything to make sure that such unfair and unwarranted penalties are not imposed. This is done through tenacious defense that breaks down a prosecutor's claims as well as negotiations that opt for lesser charges and penalties to ensure that major punishments are not handed down. In any case, the skilled representation of Daniel E. Kann will take your best interests into account and seek the right outcome, whatever that may look like from the outset.

Unmatched Experience and Insight

The success and resources of Daniel E. Kann makes him an ideal Los Angeles criminal defense attorney for people who are facing a wide variety of charges. This knowledge of the Los Angeles court system, the right tactics for defense, and a devotion to the wellbeing of clients helps Daniel E. Kann craft a strong and skillful defense designed to protect defendants from prosecutors who seek harsh penalties. To learn more about how The Law Offices of Daniel E. Kann may be able to help you, call (310) 954-9356 and receive a no-cost consultation.