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California Personal Injury Attorney

Kann California Law Group: Personal Injury Law

The Kann California Law Group now offers personal injury legal representation. Unlike criminal law, which is concerned primarily with incarceration, civil law focuses on compensation for injuries and remuneration for lost earnings or medical bills.

Below you'll find a list of legal issues and information on paying your medical costs, if any. Please feel free to contact the Kann California Law Group in Santa Clarita, Ventura, Encino, Pasadena or Los Angeles/Los Angeles County with further questions. Your call will go directly to a lawyer. It's guaranteed.

The Types of Civil Cases We Take

Here's a brief list of civil issues for which the Kann California Law Group is prepared to represent you:

  • Wrongful death: Claims alleging negligence that resulted in the death of a human being;
  • Accidents: Including pedestrian accidents, vehicular/motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents and construction accidents;
  • Injury: Claims based on injuries ranging from dog bites to workplace injuries and traumatic brain injuries;
  • Premises liability: Such as claims alleging negligent maintenance of conditions resulting in slip-and-fall accidents;
  • Intentional Torts: Causes of action like Assault, Battery, Trespass and False Imprisonment;
  • Malpractice: Both medical and legal malpractice issues;
  • Defamation lawsuits: Both forms of libel (ordinary and per se forms) as well as slander;
  • Reputational Harms: Including “false light” issues, intrusion of solitude matters, and an array of invasion of privacy claims; and,
  • Products liability: Such as lawsuits alleging defective product design and claims of defective product warning;

Vehicle Accidents

Note: This list is not exhaustive. If it isn't included here, contact the Kann California Law Group with your specific concern. We're certain that you'll learn more about how we can help you.

Monetary Awards Available in California Civil Lawsuits

California permits civil courts to award compensation to parties for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Medical Costs: Including the cost of long-term hospital care, expenses associated with physical or occupational therapy, and prescription/drug costs;
  • Loss of Earnings: Both compensation for lost wages and awards for lost earning capacity;
  • Pain and Suffering Compensation;
  • Wrongful Death Awards; and,
  • Punitive Damages: Damages (over and above compensation awards) assessed to punish egregious behavior.

If You Were Just in An Accident, the Kann California Law Group Can Help You Get Medical Care

The Kann California Law Group maintains a list of exceptional doctors and medical professionals who will work with you to help you recover in the quickest possible time. We know that now, more than ever, you need the security of knowing that your needs are being addressed by caring, qualified experts.

The Kann California Law Group also understands the need to work with you in compensating medical professionals you might need to consult as you recover. This is why we'll provide you with a list of doctors and other professionals who'll help you while working on a medical lien[1] basis. You will owe them nothing unless you settle, or win, your claim, in which case you'll pay the bill out of the award.

It Will Cost You Nothing Up Front for the Kann California Law Group to Represent You

The Kann California Law Group is dedicated to helping you resolve your matter in the most effective possible way. That means we won't pressure you in making decisions or considering settlements. You are in control. And you won't pay unless you win, or settle, your case. Guaranteed.

“What Should I Do If I Have A Civil Law Matter?”

The State of California regards civil law as an area of serious concern. If you're involved in a civil matter, it's essential that you retain a skilled, dedicated attorney as soon as possible. Your rights and livelihood may be at stake.

Remember, a professional civil attorney may be able to:

  • Negotiate an award;
  • Win your case at trial;
  • Or get other relief, as appropriate.

The attorneys at the Kann California Law Group have an excellent understanding of the local courts and an extensive knowledge of California's civil justice system. We can represent you in Ventura, Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, Encino, Pasadena and many other Southern California cities.

If you or someone you know is involved in a civil law matter, our attorneys will analyze the facts of the case and plan a strategy that will help to obtain the best possible outcome.

Contact the Kann California Law Group today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.


[1] See “Medical Lien Law and Legal Definition” at USLegal.com.