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California Reckless Endangerment Attorneys

Reckless Endangerment

It is common for anyone to feel stressed and overwhelmed after an arrest for reckless endangerment or criminal negligence in California. The complex laws surrounding criminal charges are tough to unravel on your own, and luckily, you do not have to. The information below will help you get started in gathering as much information as possible about your case. With the help of a skilled lawyer at The Law Offices of Daniel E. Kann, you can make sure your rights are protected and you know your options for defending your freedom. For a free consultation, call (888) 744-7730 today.

Act Quickly in Getting Help

One of the most important things to do after being arrested for any type of reckless endangerment or criminal negligence charge is to remain calm. You will want to consult a skilled criminal defense attorney before you do anything else to ensure that the best possible approach to your case is being taken. Choosing a lawyer that is right for you is the first step. Once you find an attorney who is experienced and competent, he will act fast in defending your rights and protecting your future.

For a reckless endangerment or criminal negligence case, the burden of proving guilt lies with the prosecution. Although, proving "criminal intent" for these charges is not an easy task, it is important that effective defense strategies are applied to your case. The consequences for reckless endangerment could include jail or prison time, steep fines, and probation, among other life-changing repercussions.

Some examples of possible allegations that may result in reckless endangerment charges include:

What is Reckless Endangerment?

It is important to be aware that reckless endangerment charges can result from incidents where a person did not intend to cause injury or harm, yet another individual suffers injury or death due to an alleged negligent action or actions on the part of the defendant.

Generally, if a person is suspected of having disregarded known or obvious risks to the safety and well-being of another or others, he or she may be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.

What Are You Really Being Charged With?

A simple lapse in judgment, inattention, or carelessness cannot be treated as reckless endangerment. For the act to rise to the level of criminal negligence, it must be outrageous and reckless. An example of reckless endangerment is when a parent who is accused of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs allegedly leaves their child in a locked car. This amounts to criminal child endangerment.

Another component the prosecution will try to prove in a reckless endangerment case is that a reasonable person in a similar situation would have known that the alleged reckless actions would or could result in injury or harm to others.

Aggressive Legal Representation

Lawyer Daniel E. Kann has thorough knowledge of California law and is familiar with local courts and judges throughout Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Working with clients to ensure their side of the story is heard, attorney Kann works diligently to guide and involve his clients in the process. Call our office today or fill out a contact form to discuss your case at absolutely no cost.