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Out of all the most horrible experiences one could have, Dan did an excellent job of bailing me out of trouble. I would refer him to anyone who needs help. Excellent attorney!
Nathalie G.

Daniel Kann was hired recently to represent one of our family members. Mr. Kann was very responsive to our inquiries, thoroughly explained the serious consequences of our brother's offense/case and informed us what the worst and best case scenario would likely be upon sentencing.

Mr. Kann always conducted himself in a very professional manner and was kind and courteous to our family. As it turned out, Daniel Kann was successful in obtaining the best outcome possible for our brother and we look forward to his continued rehabilitation. Had it not been for Daniel Kann, I truly feel the result would not have been nearly as positive.

I would not hesitate in recommending Daniel E. Kann for your legal needs. He is definitely a results oriented attorney.
Jorja R.

Three years ago, I was charged with a DUI and the DMV wanted to suspend my license. I had a borderline 0.08 case and Dan was able to help me out to win the DMV hearing.

He also had my blood sample sent to an independent lab which was very helpful in getting a dismissal in a jury trial. The fact that I was able to win a dismissal in Ventura County says a great deal about the defense in my case.

The prosecution tried hard to convict me but there was quite a lot of evidence in my favor.

Dan was always responsive to my needs. He would listen and respond right away when I would have concerns or questions. It was great to have someone make you feel as relaxed as you can be as you are going through a very difficult time in your life.

I was scared for my future. I never wanted to have a misdemeanor in my record, to pay excessive amounts of money for the courts and insurance. The worst scenario for me was that it would affect present and future employment opportunities.

I was able to retain my job, my car, and my life is back on track. I have definitely left this behind but thank Dan for all his support, guidance, and legal expertise.
Mario G.