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How to Save Money on Summer Vacation while Still Having Fun

Posted by Dan Kann | Dec 01, 2014 | 0 Comments

May 22, 2014

Summer is coming and that means the kids are getting out of school, the weather is getting hotter, and people are starting to make plans for fun summer activities and getaways. There's the usual summer fare: theme park daytrips, resort stays, and road trips. Unfortunately, for those with a tighter budget, these summer staples can be way too costly, so what are the alternatives? Actually, there are plenty of ways you, your family, and/or your friends can have fun this summer without having to shell out too much cash.

Nature is Cheap

Ah, the great outdoors! California offers a wide variety of natural landscapes, from the barren but beautiful desert seas of sand to the pristine shorelines of the western coast. Best of all, you can spend a whole day or even whole weekends at most of these sites at low costs, sometimes even for free. And what better way to get away from it all than to go into nature? Stop thinking about the poolside and start thinking about your wild side.

Take a Stay-cation

How well do you really know your city? Chances are you take the same routes most days to go to work, the groceries, and to pick up the kids, etc. Even on weekends, you stick with the familiar – the same bars, restaurants, parks, and so on. Use this summer to really explore your neighborhood and you may just come across many pleasant surprises. Take your friends or your family with you to explore every nook and cranny. If you need some guidance, use Yelp or Google Places to get started. This way, you'll save money you would've otherwise dumped on travel costs and also develop some real pride in the place you call home.

Look for Deals

Search for coupons and discounted group packages on local deal sites, like Groupon and Amazon Local. You'll find plenty of great deals for spas, resort stays, restaurant meals, event tickets, and much more. It's not uncommon to find deals that slash prices in half. With double-digit, even triple-digit savings, your wallet is sure to thank you.

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