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Puppy Scams—Beware of Online Cybercrime During the Holidays

Posted by Dan Kann | Dec 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

A classic wish of kids everywhere is to get a puppy for Christmas. As a result, parents search for the perfect puppy to make their kids' dream come true, and many turn to the internet to conduct this search. This year, the Los Angeles City Attorney is warning the public about online puppy scams.

According to ABC 7 News, puppy scamming during the holidays is becoming a big problem. Scammers allegedly “bait victims through websites like Facebook or Craigslist.” They get the buyer to pay an initial fee for the puppy, and then provide updates on the puppy and its delivery all the while asking for further payments. Sadly, “most victims never get a puppy. Others get different dogs with health problems.” This results in many hopeful pet owners losing thousands of dollars.

Cybercrime and Its Consequences

In California, cybercrime or computer fraud is taken very seriously—this includes essentially any internet scheme to get money or information from others through fraud. Additionally, cybercrime or computer fraud is a federal crime, so a person who commits this type of crime could also be facing state and federal charges.

Internet fraud includes scams, such as this puppy scam, that include either selling an item and never delivering it or simply asking for fees in advance and then never contacting the buyer. Other cybercrimes include identity theft, personal data theft (such as stealing your credit card information), and unauthorized access of computers. Committing these crimes can result in serious consequences including fines and jail time, which can be very lengthy (up to twenty years) if convicted of a federal internet fraud offense.

Talk to a Skilled Cybercrime Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is being investigated for or has been charged with any type of cybercrime, it is important to speak to an experienced cybercrime and computer fraud defense attorney right away. Because the penalties for computer fraud and other cybercrime in California and on the federal level are severe, you will not want to face them alone. Contact the Kann California Defense Group at 888-744-7730—Our skilled attorneys can review the specifics of your case in a free case consultation and plan an effective defense strategy. Call us today!

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