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Young Man Arrested After Allegedly Setting Bedroom Ablaze in Simi Valley

Posted by Dan Kann | Nov 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

October 25, 2013

On the morning of October 21, a 25-year-old man was arrested at his Simi Valley residence after supposedly setting his bedroom on fire, according to The Ventura County Star.

Police received a report of a family dispute at the residence in the 2100 block of Rebecca Street. Upon arrival, officers were allegedly told by the young man that he had intentionally set his bedroom ablaze.

The officers used a garden hose and fire extinguishers to confine the fire. Ventura County firefighters put out the flame completely by 10:35 a.m. Although the fire damaged some property inside the home, the home itself sustained little structural damage.

The young man and his mother were the only ones inside the home at the time of the incident. They both made it out safely.

Police evaluated the young man at the scene and arrested him on suspicion of arson. A clear motive was not established, but officials believe it had something to do with the family dispute.

California Penal Code Section 451 states that “a person is guilty of arson when he or she willfully and maliciously sets fire to or burns or causes to be burned or who aids, counsels, or procures the burning of, any structure, forest land, or property.” The severity of the penalties for an arson conviction depends on the circumstances and consequences of the crime committed. For example, in a case where someone suffered “great bodily injury” as the rest of the alleged arsonist's actions, the suspect may face up to nine years in state prison, whereas a death could result in a murder charge and consequently much more severe penalties.

If you are currently facing arson charges in southern California, remember that the prosecution has to prove that you “willfully” and “maliciously” committed the act of arson. Do not say or do anything that could be used against you and get in touch with Ventura criminal defense attorney Daniel E. Kann as soon as possible. He has the legal knowledge and skill to exploit holes in the prosecution's case and shift the opinion of the court to your favor. To get started on protecting your future, call The Law Offices of Daniel E. Kann today at (888) 744-7730.

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