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Carjacking in California

Posted by Dan Kann | Oct 29, 2018 | 0 Comments

The Anaheim police are searching for a suspect who carjacked a 79-year-old woman's 2008 Kia Rio. According to CBS Los Angeles, the carjacking victim saw a young woman, about 18-years-old, in the parking lot of her apartment complex apparently crying. The victim offered to help the young woman and she asked for a ride.

Approximately 1 mile into the ride, the young girl pulled out a gun. She pointed it at the 79-year-old victim and demanded she get out of the car. While the victim was not hurt in this incident, the young woman could be facing serious criminal consequences for this act.

Under California Penal Code 215, the elements of “Carjacking” are:

1. The felonious taking of another person's car when they are in the car or near the car

2. It is against the car owner's will

3. The taking of the car is with the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the owner of their car

4. Taking the car is done by fear or force

The consequences of a charge of carjacking is include prison time for a term of three, five, or nine years, depending on the facts of the case. The fact that the young woman in this case used a gun could increase the severity of her punishment.

If you are being investigated for, or have been accused of, carjacking, or any vehicle theft crime, it is crucial that you take action immediately. It is important to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney that can help you understand and navigate the criminal justice system. To get a conviction for carjacking, the prosecution must prove all four of the above elements. A skilled attorney can look at the facts of your case and make sure you get the defense you deserve.

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