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Causes of Holiday Season Personal Injuries And How to Avoid Them

Posted by Dan Kann | Dec 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

The holiday season this year is quite unprecedented because of the pandemic restrictions. But holiday season accidents and the resultant personal injuries are an unfortunate reality we need to live with.

Let us discuss some common holiday season personal injuries and their causes. We have listed some preventive tips to help you maneuver through the pitfalls and keep yourself safe while enjoying the festivities.    

Driving Accidents


A higher volume of traffic during the holiday season increases the risk of car accidents, especially in the Los Angeles and other Southern California areas. Stress and tiredness impair drivers at this time of the year. DUI incidents also see a sharp spike during the holiday season.

Preventive Tips 

  • Be attentive and vigilant while driving
  • Never mix drinking and driving
  • Keep your cell phone fully charged
  • Keep an essential emergency kit in your car, such as water, blanket, snacks, etc.
  • Keep on main routes to avoid adverse conditions

Pedestrian Injuries

As discussed above, distracted driving by car drivers remains the biggest risk for cyclists and pedestrians in the holiday season. Having said that, pedestrians distracted by their own cell phones, holiday decorations, or caught in the shopping frenzy, put themselves and others at risk sometimes.

Mishaps at the Mall

We may be safe from this phenomenon this year, but each year there are stories of horrific injuries from crowds surging into the stores for shopping deals and product launches. Shopping cart injuries, especially in children, also see a rise around this time.

Holiday Decorations

There could be a surge in injuries caused in the course of decorating or due to falling decorations, as families are stuck at home this year.

Preventive Tips 

  • Follow the safety instructions for ladders
  • Avoid using ladders when alone
  • Keep small trinkets out of reach of children

Fires, Burns, and Electrical Shocks

Elaborate holiday season meals cause mostly minor kitchen fires and related burn injuries. But fires related to decorative lights, Christmas trees, and flammable decorations cause more serious injuries during the holiday season.

Preventive Tips

  • Look for exposed, worn-out wires
  • Do not overload sockets beyond their ratings
  • Switch off electrical decorations before leaving home
  • Be sure to deep fry your Turducken outside, not in your kitchen or living room 

Some More Causes of Holidays-Related Personal Injuries 

Back injuries from lugging heavy suitcases on holiday travels, opening gifts with sharp objects, and poorly designed products bought in sales offers, are some of the other causes of personal injuries in the holiday season.

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