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Dealing with Ventura County Domestic Battery Charges

Posted by Dan Kann | Dec 03, 2016 | 0 Comments

When it comes to domestic battery charges there are many sides to the story so let's start with this very simple truth-- just because you are charged with any type of domestic violence in Ventura County does not mean you will be convicted of it. Sadly, too many people simply accept the charges against them without putting up a defense. At Kann California Defense Group, we are here to help. Let our years of experience help you defeat or lessen these serious charges against you so that you can move forward.

Also referred to as “spousal battery” or “spousal assault,” a Ventura County misdemeanor domestic battery charge is outlined in California Penal Code Section 243 (e)(1) and requires that the other side prove that you “willfully inflicted unlawful force or violence on your intimate partner.” That seemingly simple sentence actually contains a lot of elements. Translation: there are defenses available to you when it comes to this charge and working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you present your best case. Like any Ventura County domestic violence conviction, a domestic battery conviction carries some pretty stiff penalties, including:

  • Fines (up to $2,000)
  • Jail time (up to one year)
  • Probation

When a Ventura County domestic violence charge is filed as a felony, it usually falls under Penal Code Section 273.5 and carries up to 4 years in state prison.  

Every defense strategy we come up with is as unique as the case itself. Some possible defenses to this charge include:

  • Self defense: Self defense is a very common legal defense to this serious charge
  • Accident: Maybe some type of physical contact did happen between you and your current or former partner but it might not be what it looks like. Accidents happen and it is a viable defense
  • False Allegations: false allegations happen in any type of dispute, especially when emotions run high.

One thing that many of our clients are surprised to find out is that working with a Ventura County domestic violence attorney can actually save money in the long run by helping you to avoid the many fines and other punishments that come with a conviction When you work with the Kann California Defense Group, you can feel confident in your criminal defense attorneys. For many, a domestic battery charge may not be the only issue you are facing—we can help with all your domestic violence charges as well. Give us a call today to learn more.

Kann California Defense Group

At the Kann California Defense Group, we are here to help you defeat the domestic battery charges against you along with any other criminal charge you may be dealing with. We understand how terrifying this experience can be and will work hard to get you the best results possible and limit the impact these charges have on your life and your family. The sooner you call the better. Your first consultation is always free so give us a call at (888)744-7730

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