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Fled the Scene of an Accident in California? Hit and Run. This is What You Need to Do

Posted by Dan Kann | Nov 01, 2022 | 0 Comments

Good people can make the wrong impulsive choice in a high-pressure situation. Maybe you had a few drinks and, on your way home, you hit another car to avoid colliding with an animal. However, you know that the police will not see it that way. They will easily link the crash to a DUI offense. You look into the other vehicle and notice the driver and other occupants are all unhurt. What do you do? You might decide to flee the scene unsure of what to do next. You should immediately consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney if you flee the scene of an accident in California as you can be charged with the crime of hit and run.

Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyers will Fight for You

Criminal defense attorneys are there to help you and defend you. You don't need to worry about being shamed or judged. Be as honest as possible with the attorney you are consulting with. The prosecutor's job is to prove you are guilty while a defense attorney's purpose is to preserve your right to be presumed innocent and hold the prosecutor to their burden of proving the case.

Do Not Delay Making the Call to a Capable Attorney

You should call a leading criminal defense attorney as soon as you can after a hit-and-run. Don't wait until morning to consult with an attorney. Hit-an-run accidents are tense situations. 

The attorney can begin representing you as soon as you have established an attorney/client relationship. You may not be required to pay at the moment, but anything you tell them will be held as privileged information. This will enable you to seek their advice.

Follow the Attorney's Advice

A criminal defense attorney is on the side of the client. That's the best part. You should follow their legal advice carefully. In fact, that is what you are paying them to do. Above all else, attorneys advise their clients not to communicate with law enforcement without their attorney being present.

It is your constitutional right to remain silent. You don't need to apologize or make excuses. You are only required to provide the police with your identification. 

Pre-Filing Investigation and Defense

Pre-file investigation is when an accused is not formally charged with the crime because the police are still collecting evidence. This is a lengthy process in white collar crimes or when busting a drug ring. With that said, in hit-and-run investigations this usually gets wrapped up within the hour. Your attorney should already by working on pre-filing defense. Seasoned attorneys should be able to help you avoid a night in jail or a court trial.

Talk to Hit and Run Defense Attorneys in California Today

Remember the name Kann California Law Group if you find yourself in a bad situation or are worried that you are going to be arrested. We may be able to help protect your rights by working on your pre-filing defense. You can call on (888) 744-7730 or contact us online.

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