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Holiday Season Personal Injuries You Should Watch Out For

Posted by Dan Kann | Dec 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

The holiday season is a time for joyous festivities with our loved ones and counting our blessings. Accidents can befall us anytime, but the risks of mishaps tend to be higher than normal in the holiday season.      

According to the figures, there are increased chances of specific types of accidents that include car wrecks, decorating related falls, and electrical shocks. We discuss some of the most common holiday season personal injuries you need to be careful against. 


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes and motor vehicle-related accidents are a risk all year round. So much so that there is a car crash fatality in the US every 13 seconds.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Injuries

Bicyclists and pedestrians have little or no protection against motorized vehicles. This puts them at a greater risk of injuries in road accidents. These risks tend to rise during the holiday season.

Slip and Fall Accidents 

A Rise in consumer footfalls in shopping centers and malls, and holiday crowds attending public events, lead to an increase in slip and fall accidents. Poor weather also aggravates the safety conditions.

Electrical Current Shocks

Christmas lights, though alluring and eye-pleasing, can prove to be a danger at this time of the year. A high number of accidents involve electrical shocks during the holiday season. Personal injuries may be in the form of thermal burns, nerve and tissue damage, and sometimes even cardiac arrests.

Back Injuries

The holiday season involves a lot of travel, and travel can sometimes take a physical toll. Lugging and carrying suitcases to or from car trunks, and across massive airports, cause back sprains, muscle tears, and other injuries during the holidays.

Fire Hazards 

Another hazard to watch out for is fire, with the use of space heaters and fireplaces when friends and families get together indoors. People also use more electrical products, flammable decorative items, and lights. A combination of all these increases the risks of fire and exposure to hazardous materials.   

Holiday Decorations

Personal injuries while decorating or decking up the house are common in the holiday season. Falls from heights, especially involving ladders can cause broken bones, concussions, or bruises.

Defective Products 

The holiday season is also the shopping season and a lot of merchandise changes hands, including toys, gadgets, utensils, and holiday decorations. Very often, defective gadgets, toys, or gifts end up in the market as companies vie to maximize holiday season sales. Some of these defective products cause personal injuries and harm.

Injuries from Opening Gifts

As silly as it might sound, even opening the much-awaited gifts with sharp objects causes several personal injuries. In fact, thousands of people end up with self-inflicted wounds in this manner. 

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