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Over 230 Tons of Marijuana Seized in Hemet in 2019

Posted by Dan Kann | Jun 01, 2020 | 0 Comments

According to ABC 7 News, police cracked down on illegal marijuana growing operations in Hemet and throughout Riverside County in 2019. The Riverside County Sheriff's department seized over 230 tons of marijuana throughout the year. This amount of marijuana was valued at over $466 million.

As part of this operation, police served over 200 search warrants, which resulted in 82 arrests. Officers also seized firearms and cash connected to these searches.

Marijuana and California Law

Since 2018, the recreational use of marijuana has been legal in California. However, even with this legalization, there are plenty of ways you can still get in trouble with the law when it comes to marijuana. It is important to understand that although the use of marijuana is legal under California law, you can face criminal charges if:

  • You possess or grow more marijuana than the law permits--Adults over 21 can have a certain amount of dried marijuana (1 oz.) and can grow up to 6 plants. If you exceed these limits, you can face misdemeanor charges.
  • You try to sell marijuana without a license--California law requires you to have a proper license to grow and sell marijuana. Doing so without this license can lead to criminal charges.
  • You drive under the influence--driving under the influence doesn't just mean driving under the influence of alcohol. You can face this charge if you are driving under the influence of marijuana as well.

If you have been charged with a marijuana related crime, make sure to reach out to the skilled Hemet criminal defense attorneys at the Kann California Law Group. We have years of experience helping clients with defenses for marijuana and other drug related charges in Riverside County and throughout Southern California. There are defenses available and every charge is worth fighting as the consequences a criminal conviction can have a lasting negative impact on your life. We offer a free case consultation so call us today at (888) 744-7730.

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Daniel E. Kann has devoted his entire legal career exclusively to defending individuals facing criminal prosecution in Southern California. Dan fights criminal cases throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Kern, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.


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