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Santa Clarita Restaurant Owner Faces Sexual Battery Charges

Posted by Dan Kann | Jul 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

A Santa Clarita restaurant owner is on trial for four misdemeanor counts of sexual battery against one of his employees. The female employee accused the owner of inappropriately touching her on four different occasions, two of which included the owner putting his hand down her pants.

The Signal reports that several witnesses have testified on behalf of the owner including testimony that the alleged victim bragged about getting the owner arrested. Other testimony revealed that the employee had changed her story. However, expert testimony was presented by the prosecution that advised that changing one's story is not unusual with sexual assault cases.

While this trial has not yet been submitted to the jury and decided, this case is an example of how difficult a sexual battery case can be. Facts in sex crime cases can often get convoluted because of high emotions and different interpretations of actions involved in these types of cases. If found guilty, the owner in this case could be facing serious criminal consequences.

Under California Law (California Penal Code 243.4), sexual battery, often referred to as sexual assault, is defined as the unwanted touching of an intimate part of another person's body for sexual arousal, abuse, or gratification. Sexual battery convictions can seriously impact your life, your career, your reputation, and you can be required to register as a sex offender. This is a serious crime that can result in misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the facts of the alleged assault.

If you are facing sexual assault charges, it is important to contact a Santa Clarita criminal defense attorney immediately. Experienced and knowledgeable defense attorneys, like the attorney as the Kann California Defense Group, know that there are a number of defense strategies that can be used to fight these charges. Common defenses for sexual battery include proving that there was consent, proving that the claims are false, or showing that there is insufficient evidence to prove the claims. We will examine your case and determine your best defense strategy. 

If you are facing sexual battery charges, call us today to discuss your legal options. Call us at (888) 744-7730 or contact us online for a free consultation!

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