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Thanksgiving Weekend Travel

Posted by Dan Kann | Nov 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

Thanksgiving is the time when most people in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties travel to spend time with their friends and family.  Frequently, family members who live far away return to their hometown for large family gatherings.  AAA predicts that 48.7 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving holiday period. This is an increase of one million travelers [1] over last year and the most Thanksgiving travelers since 2007. And more than 89% of these holiday drivers will drive, [2] rather than fly, to their destination.

Because of increased traffic, state and local police forces will be working diligently during this holiday season to make the roads safe.  To keep the roads safe, the police force will issue more traffic tickets.  Some of the most commonly cited traffic violations include exceeding the speed limit, running a red light, failing to wear seat belts, and driving under the influence.

Paying the Fine

While it is easy to just send in a check after the holiday season to pay for your Thanksgiving weekend traffic violation, the consequences of even a routine traffic violation must be given careful consideration.   When you pay the fine on a California traffic ticket, you admit that you were in the wrong which results in a conviction on your driving record.  Such a conviction can result in a sentence that includes a fine, court fees, driving school and even a suspension of your driver's license depending on the circumstances.  Additionally, California drivers have points placed on their driver's license record which increases the cost of insurance premiums.  In many cases, just mailing in a check and paying off a traffic ticket can lead to significant financial consequences.

Experienced Traffic Citation Attorneys

Every traffic ticket is unique.  Therefore, fighting two tickets for the same violation may require completely different defense theories. In California, to successfully fight tickets for traffic violations, a detailed knowledge of the California vehicle code, operating procedures, and standards, as well as speed radar and laser, are critical. 

Experienced traffic ticket attorneys have the legal knowledge and credentials to help.  They can assist with:

  1. Keeping points off your driving record;
  2. Preparing your defense argument;
  3. Representing you in court;
  4. Reducing your fines;
  5. Reducing the charges against you;
  6. Avoiding driver's license suspension or revocation; and
  7. Lowering or eliminating any possible negative effects of your traffic ticket on your car insurance rates.

Commercial Traffic Tickets

The attorneys at the Kann California Defense Group are also experienced at fighting commercial traffic tickets where commercial drivers risk the loss of there livelihoods. We have saved many commercial drivers from suffering this fate. 

Contact Kann California Defense Group

If you or a family member receive a traffic citation over the Thanksgiving or holiday season, it is important to reach out to the experienced attorneys in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Ventura, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, or Camarillo at the Kann California Defense Group as soon as possible.  Our attorneys understand the financial threat that traffic citations pose and will work with you to develop your best defense.  Call our toll-free number 888-744-7730 today or use our online contact form.


[1]  AAA Travel Statistics

[2]  AAA Travel Statistics

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Daniel E. Kann has devoted his entire legal career exclusively to defending individuals facing criminal prosecution in Southern California. Dan fights criminal cases throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Kern, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.


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