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What to do in a Multi-Car/Chain Reaction Car Accident

Posted by Dan Kann | Dec 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

Earlier this year, a three-car accident at an intersection in Tarzana sent a Honda Accord crashing  through the window of the restaurant Pita Kitchen. Luckily, the restaurant was closed and only two workers were present at the time of the accident. Neither of them was injured, but the driver of the Honda Accord was hospitalized due to their injuries. Each year, about 2 million people are injured from motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Oftentimes these accidents include more than one car. If you or someone you love was in a chain reaction car accident, call us here at the Kann California Law Group to see if you may able to obtain financial compensation.

What is a Chain Reaction Car Accident?

A chain reaction car accident involves three or more cars in a collision. It is referred to as a “chain reaction” because it usually begins when two cars collide and then that crash leads to other cars becoming involved in the accident. Some examples of a chain reaction car accidents are:

  1. Intersection Multi-Car Car Accident: Vehicle A hits Vehicle B at a red light. Due to the impact of the hit, it pushes Vehicle B into the intersection, causing the oncoming traffic to hit Vehicle B.
  2. Rear-End Car Accident: Vehicle A suddenly slams on their brakes, but not in time for Vehicle B behind them to stop. Vehicle B rear-ends Vehicle A, causing Vehicle C behind Vehicle B to rear end them.
  3. Intersection Rear-End: This is when Vehicle A fails to stop when approaching an intersection. Vehicle A rear-ends the car (Vehicle B) in front of them, causing Vehicle B to hit the car in front of them (Vehicle C).

Understanding who is at Fault in a Chain Reaction Car Accident

In most cases, the at-fault party in a chain reaction car is the first vehicle to collide with another vehicle. In California all drivers have a duty to use reasonable care. Reasonable care means that a driver must always maintain a safe distance between them and the car in front of them, and exercise caution to drivers around them. Some drivers are negligent and fail to exercise reasonable care, causing harm to themselves and others. Sometimes, multiple parties are at-fault for a chain reaction collision. That is why it is crucial to get a personal injury attorney involved as soon as possible after the accident.

Experienced Tarzana Multi-Car/Chain Reaction Car Accident Attorney

Here at the Kann California Law Group, we have many lawyers that deal with chain reaction car accident cases on a daily basis. Having an experienced lawyer on your side will help you to maximize your financial compensation. We will to work to get all the information necessary to determine who the at-fault party was and get you back up on your feet. We will fight for you! Get in touch with us now!

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