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Yelling Pasadena Man Faces Battery Charges

Posted by Dan Kann | Dec 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

A 26-year-old man, Justin Thomas, was arrested on suspicion of battery and assault with a dangerous weapon charges after he choked a man and threatened him with a knife near the Pasadena police station.

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Thomas and the victim, a 37-year-old Los Angeles man, got off the metro at the same stop. Thomas started “yelling something about God. The victim asked Thomas to calm down. The suspect responded by pulling a 6 to 8-inch butcher knife and held it to the victim's stomach.” The victim backed away and ran toward the police station, but Thomas caught him.

Thomas then grabbed the victim by his throat, choking him. The victim fought back, and a witness called the police. Police responded and took Thomas into custody and recovered the knife he used as weapon. Thomas is currently being held without bail but will be arraigned soon.

Battery and assault charges in California can be very serious. If you are facing battery charges, it is critical that you do everything you can to properly defend yourself in court, including speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney. This is important because the consequences of being convicted can have long-lasting social, professional, and financial consequences.

In California, battery is defined as harmful or offensive touching of another. Battery is commonly associated with fights, like the encounter in this case. A battery conviction can occur anytime someone touches another person in an offensive way, however, if the incident does result in serious injuries, the charges could increase. For an assault with a deadly weapon charge, the prosecution will have to prove that the defendant assaulted someone and that the assault was committed with a deadly weapon. Using a dangerous weapon, like a knife, can also increase the severity of the sentence a person could face.

In the event you have been accused of a battery or an assault charge, talking to an experienced Pasadena assault and battery defense lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way. Our team of attorneys here at the Kann California Defense Group are ready and willing to meet with you to talk about the facts of your case. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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