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My only regret was not hiring Aaron Fontana of Kann Defense Group immediately upon receiving my Temporary Restraining Order. I was the respondent and initially felt I could represent myself. After careful consideration I decided to hire an attorney. I interviewed 4 other attorneys before choosing Aaron. Don't let people tell you a civil restraining order is no big deal (I was told this on a couple of occasions). The TRO process can be complicated but more importantly, it distracts from your work and family life. Hiring a professional to guide and direct you is a godsend and I am so thankful to have had Aaron by my side during this stressful time. I will tell you Aaron does and will play devil's advocate quite a bit, and at first I would get frustrated. However, I realized he needs to see things from the other side in order to defend you. One of the things I liked most about my experience with Aaron was his communication. He always kept me informed. I never once had to chase him down. He almost always answers his phone and if he's in court or on a call, he will immediately call you back. In my case, the claimant was fueled with revenge and had little merit to her case, however, the case was still a bit muddy with lots of grey areas. He tried hard to get her to agree to a mutual stay away order of which she declined several times, even the day of the hearing. BUT, just as we were about to present she came to her senses and agreed to mediation. I believe seeing how prepared we were as well as Aaron's kind demeanor with her, is what won our case. The TRO was dismissed and now I can get on with my life!! I strongly recommend Kann Defense Group. Thank you Aaron!!
Mel K.

Dan Kann & his team are top notch. Made the entire process so easy, I almost forgot about the case. Special thanks to Larry Gund in Ventura for representing me, and getting me the best result possible (dismissal). 11/10 would retain again, thanks guys!

Sean S.

Spoke with Mr Kann very nice guy. He spent about 20min listening to what's going on and tried to give me good advice for free. I appreciate that even though I didn't use their services they treated me like a client. These guys have class.

Jon H.

Ok... so problem fixed! I had absolutely no problem or worries after the great job that Mr. Kann did for me! 100% professional and knowledgeable. I will not hesitate to refer him to any friend or family members. If you want the job done right... hire his defense team. They will get the job done :)

Nathalie G.

Dan Kann is a talented and dedicated attorney who took charge of my criminal case and successfully got all charges against me dropped during the Preliminary Hearing. I have been told that this rarely happens, and it is a testament to Dan's vociferous defense that he prevailed during the Preliminary Hearing. He is personable, professional, and empathetic. He returns calls from nervous clients promptly, and doesn't wait until the last minute to work on your case. I have used other attorneys in the past, but I never felt more comfortable than when Dan Kann represented me. I hope to never have legal troubles in the future, but if I do I will immediately call Dan for representation. Thanks for everything, Dan. Janet Levine

Janet L.